Common Questions

Am I a good LASIK candidate?
If you are over 18 years old or older and wear glasses for distance, near or both, you may be a candidate.

What if I only wear glasses for distance and take them off for near?
LASIK will improve your distance vision, but if you are 40 years old or older, you may still need glasses for near.

Can I have mono-vision correction like I have with my contact lenses?
Yes, depending on your prescription, you may be able to have mono-vision correction just like you have with contacts.

Can LASIK correct my astigmatism?
Yes, LASIK can correct astigmatism.

I had PRK several years ago, can I still have LASIK?
In most cases you can. We would have to do an evaluation to determine if the procedure is right for you.

How do I find out if I am a candidate?
You would need to have a LASIK evaluation. We also do FREE Screenings, which is a basic
introduction to LASIK.

How do I schedule a LASIK evaluation?
You can call our office at 1-256-705-3937, and the LASIK Coordinator will be glad to assist you in scheduling an evaluation.

Is there a charge for the evaluation? what to expect?
Typically there is a charge but we often run specials… be sure to ask when scheduling. The evaluation can often take about two hours. You do receive a thorough eye exam and often dilated.

How much does the procedure cost?
In most cases, Refractive Surgery is elective so it is an out of pocket expense. We strive to make Refractive Surgery affordable and cost effective because we know the difference it can make in one’s life. We offer competitive pricing without lacking the highest quality of care. We offer CareCredit financing with affordable payments. Ask about specials!

Do you do “blade free” LASIK?
We do two procedures that are blade free, one is called LASEK, and the other is called PRK.

How do I know which procedure is best for me?
The evaluation, which includes specific testing along with Dr. Hubickey’s examination, will determine which procedure is best for you. Dr. Hubickey and his technician will discuss the options and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding each procedure.

Will I need to wear glasses after Refractive Surgery?
Most patients no longer depend on glasses or contact lenses for everyday wear for most activities. However, for those patients who are over 40, you may still need to wear reading glasses for up close and/or intermediate vision. This is known as presbyopia, or aging of the eye, which is part of the natural aging process. It is true, every patient is different, and this is not always the case but can happen.