4 Common Fall Eye Problems

common fall eye problems

Most of us understand that protecting our eyes from the sun is important over the summer months.  But that protection is equally as important during the fall.  Drier air, allergens, and even UV light may impact your eye health.

4 Common Eye Problems that Occur in Fall (and How to Easily Prevent Them)

Here are some of the most common irritants and easy ways to prevent damage.

#1 – Dry Eyes

As the weather cools and becomes dryer, it can wreak havoc on your skin and also your eyes.  Because you’ll be using your home’s heating system more often, there will likely be exposure to dryer air in your home as well.

Dry eyes are not only irritating but can make it difficult to perform computer-related tasks or to wear contact lenses.fall eye problems - dry eyes


Treating dry eyes can typically be done with over-the-counter eye drops.  You might also try using a humidifier in your home.

If dry eyes persist, speak with your eye doctor about products designed for dry eyes.

#2 – Autumn Ultraviolet (UV) Light

In autumn and winter, the sun shifts to shine at an angle, which means it hits right above the brow bone. That angle can cause irritation and strain to your eyes and you may not be aware of the source.

Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to UV light can lead to optic damage.


Even though the sun may not shine as often or as brightly during fall and winter, don’t ditch your sunglasses.  You still need that protection and can take it a step further by wearing a wide-brimmed hat on sunny days and when you plan to spend more time outdoors.

#3 – Fewer Daylight Hours

As the season changes, days get shorter. That means you’ll be spending more time driving at dusk or night.

Harsh headlights from passing cars and poorly lit areas can place a strain on your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses or glasses.

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Consider wearing anti-glare lenses to lessen the effect of passing headlights.

Be sure to make sure your glasses are clean and smudge-free.  Smudges can make it difficult to see clearly and place further strain on the eyes.

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#4 – Winter Allergies

Dust mites and animal dander are worsened in the winter months.

A possible cause is less ventilation in your home or office. Without the circulation of fresh air, dust can settle and cause itchy, irritated eyes.


Whenever possible, try to open the windows in your home or office to increase ventilation.  This may be a more suitable solution in early fall than winter, but still worth trying.

You might need to dust furniture and ceiling fans more often to prevent accumulation.

Another option is to try over-the-counter allergy relief.  If your condition continues, consult your doctor for possible alternatives.

Remember: Don’t let a lack of sunlight prevent you from treating your eyes with the same care as you would in summer.  Eye health is important all year long.

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