5 Tips for Summer Eye Protection

5 Tips for Summer Eye ProtectionWith summer just around the corner, outdoor activities are becoming more frequent. Though most of us already consider sun protection for our skin, the eyes are just as important.

Both direct and indirect exposure to the sun can have an immediate, and sometimes lingering, effect on your eye health.

To help keep your eyes healthy, we’ve outlined five easy ways to protect them and still enjoy your time in the sun.

5 Tips for Summer Eye Protection

1. Wear the appropriate eye gear for outdoor activities.

To prevent or lessen exposure to dust, sand, water, or other particles that could be harmful to your eyesight and eye health, be sure to wear protective gear like sunglasses or goggles for the pool.

In addition, be aware of the type of gear you need for your specific activity, make sure the gear you choose fits properly, and use gear that is age and size appropriate – especially for children.

2. Add a hat.

Though sunglasses and goggles do offer protection, you can further decrease your direct exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays (UVR) simply by adding a hat.

Wide-brimmed hats provide a shield over the tops of your eyes and eyelids and the sides of your face.5 Tips for Summer Eye Protection

3. Keep your contacts out of the pool.

If you wear contact lenses, you are automatically at increased risk for infection and your eyes are more likely to become irritated. Adding pool chemicals to an already sensitive situation is not a good idea.

4. Use caution during housework.

If you have a home project to complete over the summer, whether indoor or out, be mindful and use protective eye coverings. Wear either goggles or a facemask while mowing the lawn, woodworking, or handling tools.

No matter how familiar you may be with your tools or performing a certain task, take care to cover your eyes.5 Tips for Summer Eye Protection

5. Wash your hands frequently.

During the summer you’ll likely be around more people, more often. And whether it is the swimming pool or a neighborhood barbeque, it’s inevitable that you’ll come in contact with environments that are less than optimal. Be sure to wash your hands as to avoid contaminating your eyes with dirt, germs, or disease.

If you don’t have immediate access to water, use hand sanitizer as a temporary alternative. It’s important though to make a practice of not rubbing your eyes or placing your fingers too closely to them when your hands are dirty.


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