Eat Your Way to Better Eyesight

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We all know a diet full of sugar, high fat, and salt content can complicate diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. That is why a balanced and nutritious diet is a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle. However, we rarely hear how a more well-balanced and wholesome diet can positively contribute to your eyesight.

Let’s discuss how foods that feed your eyes can lead to better eyesight.

Talk the Talk: Terms to Know

First, we’ll start with some helpful terms and how they can positively affect your eyesight.

  • • Lutein is a type of vitamin called a carotenoid. Lutein protects the eyes from UV rays and can help resist age-related diseases such as cataracts.
  • • Beta-carotene is an orange pigment found in many fruits and vegetables. It converts to vitamin E when digested. It is an antioxidant, which helps to protect cells from damage and helps protect against vision loss.
  • • Hydration is the process of providing an adequate amount of water to body tissue. Although technically not food, water is vital to eye health. Drinking water while eating and snacking can prevent dry eye and eye strain.
  • • Omega-3 Fatty Acids are a type of fat the human body can’t produce but needs to survive. Omega-3s reduce the risk of eye pressure, dry eye, and glaucoma.

7 Best Foods for Your Eyesight

Now, let’s move on to what to eat. little girl sits in mom's lap and snacks on eye healthy vegetables

  • • Avocados: This may surprise some, but avocados are great for the eyes because they contain lutein. Lutein reduces the chance of eye disease.
  • • Green Vegetables: Broccoli, kale, and spinach are good sources of vitamins A, B12, C, and calcium. These leafy greens can help prevent vision loss.
  • • Carrots: Carrots are likely the most common food people think of when discussing foods that help eyesight. They are packed with beta carotene. Beta-carotene protects against sun damage and is excellent for retinal health.
  • • Fish: Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, particularly cod, salmon, and tuna. Omega-3s are located in the retina of the eye as well.
  • • Nuts: Helpful omega-3 fatty acids are also found in nuts, helping reduce dry eyes and eye disease.
  • • Dark Chocolate: This tasty food option contains flavonoids that protect blood vessels in the eyes.
  • • Eggs: Eggs contain proteins that are helpful to the lens of the eye.

Citrus fruit, like oranges and lemons, along with berries, are other foods capable of enhancing your eyesight.

If you don’t have access to fruits and vegetables or don’t eat them regularly, you can supplement vitamin E, beta-carotene, and lutein, in a pill form. This will support your diet and help improve your vision by supplying the nutrients to keep your eyes healthy.

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