Will Cataract Surgery Hurt?

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Cataract surgery is a common, effective procedure for treating cataracts. People frequently ask, “Will cataract surgery hurt?”

What is Cataract Surgery?

During cataract surgery, the clouded natural eye lens is removed and replaced by an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

Common Fears and Misconceptions about Cataract Surgery

Although routine cataract surgery can be cause for concern, addressing them head-on can help ease your fears.

Eye pain during/after surgeryAnesthesia is used to numb the eye; only slight pressure may be felt
Cataract surgery is for the elderlyCataracts occur at any age
Fear of complicationsComplications are rare

Does Cataract Surgery Hurt?

Contrary to popular belief, cataract surgery is not painful.

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What to Expect During Cataract Surgery

  • Before surgery, local anesthesia will be used to numb the eye.
  • Then, a small incision is made in the cornea.
  • The cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an IOL.
  • Medicated eye drops will be prescribed to aid healing.

Pain Management for Cataract Surgery

Types of AnesthesiaEffect
LocalDrops that numb the eye
RegionalInjection near the eye nerves
GeneralPuts patient to sleep; rarely used

Post-Surgery Care and Recovery

 Following surgery, you might experience:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision

While recovering, you should protect your eyes by wearing an eye shield, avoiding strenuous activity, and wearing sunglasses when outside.

When to Consult Your Doctor

Mild discomfort is normal after surgery; severe pain is not. If you experience new or worsening symptoms such as bleeding, excessive swelling, or fever, seek medical help immediately.

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