7 Important Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor

patient presents list of questions to ask your eye doctor to eye care professional

Patients can sometimes treat eye appointments as a run-of-the-mill, once-or-twice-a-year obligation that they don’t have to take seriously. The reality is that your eyes and eyesight are important everyday life organs and functions.

Therefore, patients should take appointments, exams, eyewear, and all facets of eye health seriously. It’s never too late to treat your eye appointments more seriously. To help you obtain the best treatment, we’ve listed questions to ask your eye doctor for your next eye exam.

1. How do I protect my eyes?

Depending on certain vision problems, your doctor may require you to wear sunglasses, take prescription eye drops, or quit smoking. This question allows you to learn what preventative measures your doctor recommends.


2. What type of eye test will I have?

Whether a basic test, pupil dilation, or comprehensive exam, it is great to understand what will occur during the exam to prepare for any potential side effects. This knowledge will help you plan accordingly before your visit.


3. Are there treatments for my eye condition?

Knowing the answer to this question helps you narrow down your treatment options and manage your eye health in the future.


4. What are the side effects of treatment?

It is essential to understand if treatment will cause blurred vision or other issues that may result in temporary obscured vision.


5. Will my eyesight be worse after treatment? patient asks eye doctor questions during eye appointment

Following a diagnosis and treatment, this is a fair question. Knowing the signs and symptoms to look for can increase the early detection of worsening conditions.


6. Will you go into further detail, please?

If your doctor is reviewing test results, explaining your vision issue or other eye-related problems, they might use terms that you do not understand. It is okay to ask for further details to get a complete understanding of your situation.


7. What changes can I make to prevent eye disease?

Your doctor may advise you to eat healthier, better manage chronic health conditions, and reduce screen time to prevent future eye problems.


This list of questions to ask your eye doctor is just a starting point. Do not hesitate to have a genuine conversation with your eye doctor. Communication is key to staying informed and productive concerning your eye health.

While you could ask several more questions, such as how often you should have appointments, these questions are a guideline to help ease anxiety and become partners with your eye care professional.

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